Sunday, March 25, 2012

2nd Annual Pesach Seder

We just finished our 2nd Annual Pesach Seder!  What a blessing for all who attended.  Thanks to everyone's help we were able to pull this off with about 2 weeks notice. 

We were blessed to have 4 new people this year.  I must admit that every year I do this Passover I pick up something new.  The connections between Judaism and Catholicism are so obvious and profound. 

One of our guests was a Hebrew Catholic, Deanna.  She and her husband came into the Church back in the 80`s and yet this was her first Hebrew Catholic Seder!  She was so excited and blessed.  May Almighty G-d continue to bless you with good health and much joy, Deanna.

One of the main reasons for our Havurah and the AHC in general is to allow and encourage those of us in the Church with Jewish backgrounds to retain and develop our Jewish customs and identity.  Too often in the past we were forced to assimilate into the Church and so lose our Jewish identity. 

We live in a time that Jews no longer have to hide their identity in the Church.  We also live in a time when our non Jewish brothers and  sisters want to learn more of their Jewish roots and experience the roots of our Lord and our Blessed Mother. 

Many Catholics and Christians have deepened their faith and their love of Yeshua through a deeper understanding of their Jewish roots.  We also can appreciate those of Jewish faith who have not yet made the journey home to the Church.  So this is the perfect way we can combat all forms of anti-semitism and anti-Jewish theology.

It has been our experience that when Catholics and Christians understand and appreciate their Jewish roots that it becomes impossible to hate or dismiss their Jewish brothers and sisters both inside and outside the Church.  They also learn to love the State of Israel and recognize that Israel is a fulfillment of G-d's promise to His People.  We will continue to work within the Church to ensure that those of Jewish background are encouraged and free to live out their Hebrew Catholic lives with dignity and honor.  We also continue to work within the Church to share our Jewish roots so that all of us can grow even closer to and in our love for our Lord Yeshua HaMashiach and our Blessed Mother Miriam. 

And in the final words of every Seder around the world, Next Year in Jerusalem!

Miriam Mystical Rose and St. Edith Stein, pray for us!

Shalom in Yeshua and Miriam,
Gershon ben Sha'ul

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